DATA IMPORT. In the operation of the program, data can be entered, either manually or through an import. The import routine includes an easy "repair" function to highlight missing data elements the user may want to include.

TRACKING VENDORS. Gender, ethnicity, or any of the additional 21 data fields can easily track vendor information. Outreach Manager(tm) uses the most current NAICS codes to describe vendor capabilities. We can also accommodate NIGP codes should the user require. The system further allows for the capture of a bidder's list using such information as "date founded" and "gross receipts".

TRACKING CONTRACTS. Contract information may be sorted or retrieved by many data fields including "Date Awarded" which is a useful cross-reference when building the required US DOT semi-annual report. Further, users can retrieve contracts based upon vendor role which helps validate the US DOT required reports.

TRACKING PAYMENTS. Monitoring payments to vendors demonstrates the economic impact of your diversity program and helps to analyze your expenditures on ethnic, gender and geographic characteristics.

CAPTURE OF PRIME VENDOR PAYMENTS TO SUB-VENDORS. Many recipients face the difficult task of capturing payment information from the Prime Vendor to their Sub-Vendors. We have the ability to automate this paper dense process using our Internet Payment Capture Module. Prime Vendors submit their sub-vendor payment information via an Internet link resident at the users web site.

RACE CONSCIOUS/RACE NEUTRAL. Outreach Manager(tm) automatically distributes race conscious and race neutral dollars following the US DOT guidelines. "All contracts that have a goal are, by definition, race conscious. Any dollar amounts paid to DBEs in excess of the goal amount are automatically captured as race neutral." This information is then included in the US DOT semi-annual Awards and Commitments Report.

REPORTS. In addition to the required semi-annual US DOT report, Outreach Manager(tm) offers a variety of Crystal Reports and the ad hoc ability to direct data to Excel for further manipulation.

ETHNIC GROUPS. Outreach Manager(tm) captures the ethnic groups defined by US DOT plus "Non-Hispanic White" which groups the non-minority vendors. This is a useful feature for developing goals as it allows for a statistical comparison between minority and non-minority vendors.

RFP TRACKING. Outreach Manager(tm) users can track RFP respondents that did not get the award which allows the comparison of vendor data on active contracts with vendor who have applied and were not successful.

VENDOR STATUS. Vendor status can also be track by noting those that are pre-qualified, not qualified or any other category the user wishes to apply.

CHARTS. Outreach Manager(tm) can automatically generate Pie Charts that illustrate many different data relationships.

COST. Outreach Manager(tm) is very competitively priced when compared to other tracking, monitoring and reporting systems.