Many government agencies and private sector firms are faced with monitoring their financial activity from a diversity perspective. A question often asked by purchasing and supply chain managers..."Are we meeting the needs of our defined marketplace based on vendor ethnicity, gender and minority business status?"

Outreach Manager ™ is a tool designed to assist in answering this question and many more.

Outreach Manager™ provides a database mirror to help study your financial activity. You can then use the reflection to chart the course to your goals.

US DOT Commitments / Awards and Payments Report
Ethnic Summary Report
Minority Goals Report
Vendor Index Report
Ad Hoc Reporting
EASE OF USE. Our cascading grid approach is much easier to use than the traditional "drill down" technology. The user is presented, on one screen, with all the information about vendors, contracts and payments. The user friendliness of the system requires only two days of training.

DEPARTMENTS. Data can be separated by department with individual user privileges by department. This feature permits data security between departments

AUTO EMAILS. Emails can be automatically generated to verify sub-vendor contract participation and to verify prime vendor's payments to sub-vendors.